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Mountain Ridge


Well, I surely appreciate the patience of my subscribers as I work my way through the process of getting the book published. We are close to selecting a cover. I didn't like the original cover art, as it depicted an AR-15 on it. I said absolutely not. I don't like politics. It would have been misleading, as the weapon of choice for the cartels during my time in Phoenix was really the civilian variant of the AK-47, which cartel armorers would convert into fully automatic machine guns. You'll get to read a little more about the primary armorer to the Sinaloa cartel in my book. It's a part of the story that will test your trust in our government and it might test your blood pressure too.

The manuscript is in a final review by DOJ lawyers. It's a common part of the process when a former government official writes a book. They get to make suggestions as to things that they would like omitted or adjusted, but I get to decide what stays and goes. I don't care about hurt feelings or people's images, nor do I care about the reputation of any of the agencies that I reference in this non-fiction book. If someone or some agency doesn't like how they are portrayed, then they should have thought about that before they engaged in the conduct that they participated in.

Finally, it appears that I might be testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 19, 2023 about some of the issues involving guns and the cartels. If that does happen, don't expect me to pull any punches.

Stay tuned!

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