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A hero...

This past Saturday, I attended the Lost Voices of Fentanyl Rally on the National Mall. It was incredibly moving to listen to the family members of the people who were lost to this poison speak about their profound loss. Their words will stick with me. The torrential rain, gale force winds and soggy ground did nothing to take away from the impact of that event. Not at all.

While there, I got to spend a lot of time with Victor Avila, a former HSI Agent and current Congressional candidate in Texas. Victor and his partner were ambushed by cartel members while working in Mexico. Victor was shot three times. He survived. His partner, Jaime Zapata was not as fortunate. They were shot with firearms that were trafficked from the U.S.. Victor’s speech to the families was stirring and heartfelt. His quiet discussions with me quickly let me know that he’s a humble man who served us honorably. I’m not easily impressed, but I was impressed with this hero. Trust me when I say that I don’t think Victor would agree with being called that. But that’s what a true hero does.

The people of Texas would be well served with this man representing them and I’m honored that he’d take the time to chat with me for a couple of hours. God Bless Victor. God Bless each of those families and God Bless America!

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