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Final edit phase!

I spent the better part of last night going over the copy editor's final round of suggested edits to my manuscript. It's been quite a process. Being a brand new author, I never had any idea how many rounds of edit and review happen at the publisher before they even start to print and bind books.

On another front, I got a glimpse of two proposed covers for the book. They weren't horrible, but neither suited my needs, and one would have gotten the folks in the gun industry quite fired up. It depicted an AR-15 as the primary gun trafficked during Fast & Furious, when in fact it was the civilian version of the AK-47 that was most sought after by the traffickers. Details matter. During my time in Phoenix, we relied on gun dealers for a lot of information in building cases on firearms traffickers, so I wasn't willing to take a swipe at them just to sell a few extra books.

I hope to have another update soon. Stay tuned.

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