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Old friends...

Exactly one year ago today, my wife and I visited some close friends in Phoenix. We stopped by a favorite bar in Old Town Scottsdale called "The Coach House, which is referenced several times in my book." While there, we ran into some old friends. Among them were the two Toms. Tom Mangan and Tom Atteberry (pictured right with my wife and I), both of whom helped me during the retaliation that followed my testimony in a deposition over "Operation Fast and Furious." After the televised hearing, it only got worse. If it weren't for them, and another Tom (Tom Brandon), I'd have likely needed to find another job after I spoke up. The DAG wanted me gone.

Atteberry's help through an interview and investigation which was conducted by the DAGs Office was absolutely glorious. He scared the living crap out of the civil rights attorneys that the DAG sent out to interrogate me. They tried to dirty me up and damage my reputation with the help of some people from Senator Leahy's Office. They failed.

It's all in the book.

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