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Growing up in New York, my family didn't have much. Even so, I was taught the value of respecting others and the importance of God, family and country. We didn't have the luxury of going on fancy vacations, or owning a color TV or even an FM radio at the time. I remember listening to my favorite songs on AM radio stations, which often sucked because they weren't broadcast in stereo. Once I had the luxury of hearing that same music on FM radio, I knew what I was missing.

Later in life, I'd tune into AM radio to hear the news while I stuck in traffic as I commuted home while I was a cop and later an ATF special agent working in New York City. For this reason, I was excited to be invited to join the "Cop Talk Podcast," which is hosted on "Cop Talk"--77 WABC Radio NYC. I enjoyed the conversation and the trip back to my younger days.

Here's the link. I hope you enjoy the discussion.

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